Where Am I?

You are at Doug laoshi, home of Doug Stetar's online teaching persona. This site contains the online course resources for my Vancouver Island University teaching, and supports my role as professor in the Media Studies Department at VIU. Below are links to fully online courses, online materials for face-2-face courses, and miscellaneous teaching resources. If you are looking for my other sites and personas, check out digiDoug (my digital media resource site) or  popmongrel.com (my popular culture research site).

You may have noticed a Chinese theme to this site. It reflects my interest in East Asian culture, particularly China. I'm excited to be able to apply my expertise in this area to a new course I taught this year: MEDI 215: Global Popular Culture Genres (East-Asian Pop Culture) . In this course we explored a range of Pop Culture from East Asia (Japan, Korea and Greater China) including: Manga, Anime, K-pop, J-pop, martial arts films, sports, food (sushi, dumplings & Kimchi) and various other aspects of East Asian Pop Culture.

If you are a current student you're probably looking for one of these current course sites (enrolled student access only):

And here are some courses I regularly teach. The full sites are now offline, but I've included links to the syllabi for each course. (Note: These syllabi may not be fully current.)

Media Studies

    • MEDI 215: Global Popular Culture Genres (East Asian Pop Culture)
    • MEDI 265: Game Theory & Analysis (online)
    • DIGI 366: Game Design
    • DIGI 440: Digital Identities

Interdisciplinary Studies
  • INTR 100:  Popular Culture & University Writing